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When you're a self-described “serial buyer and homeowner,” and you experience a refinancing challenge that makes you wonder, "why is this so hard," what's your next step? If you're Nicole Hamilton, you become a woman on a mission: to make the mortgage process more transparent for consumers ...

12/7/2016 3:13:42 PM

Peter Bloom is a bit like a modern-day vigilante -- but instead of swooping in to fight bad guys on the street, his war is waged online against hackers who want to disrupt your personal and business livelihood ...

12/7/2016 1:07:29 PM

Like many listings in the Seattle area, Keith Mourer’s property received multiple offers -- 10, to be exact. But this wasn’t a typical bidding war. Prospective homebuyers could see the offers they were competing against in a process known as "transparent bidding." ...

12/7/2016 12:36:34 PM

Morgan Stanley estimates is worth $2.5 billion, News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson said in a recent interview. That's more than double the $950 million that News Corp. paid for the listing portal's owner, Move Inc., two years ago ...

12/7/2016 10:57:39 AM

So long as nothing goes drastically wrong, patients are likely to book appointments with one dentist for their two cleanings per year. Homeowners who aren't handy themselves will probably call on the same maintenance help to fix the garbage disposal and, a month later, a leaky kitchen faucet. But how many real estate consumers have an agent on-hand between years of needing one ...

12/7/2016 8:00:10 AM

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